Ben Jones Machinery
    CORLEY Linebar Resaw Attachment and Infeed RollcaseCORLEY Linebar Resaw Attachment and Infeed Rollcase98502
    Outfeed Rollcase with Left and Right Popup Chains (3-way) SeperatorOutfeed Rollcase with Left and Right Popup Chains – 26″ …98499
    Kockums/Corley Linebar ResawKOCKUMS 6′ left hand resaw with CORLEY linebar attachment.   …54564
    7' Salem Right Hand ResawSALEM 7′ Right Hand Resaw – Weight Strain, Electric guide …98488
    Center Split Circular ResawCenter Split Circular Resaw. Cuts approximately 7-1/4″ tall. Feed motors …55591
    SMITH SingleSMITH Single Resaw with 15 hp motor.57431
    Resaw Run-around SystemResaw Run-around System – complete run-around system was operating previously …57353
    Resaw Run a RoundResaw Run-A-Round System, Will fit a Baker Resaw, 2 Decks …56822
    McDonough Linebar Resaw SystemMcDonough Linebar Resaw System – complete linebar resaw includes 54″ …57345
    WEST PLAINS Grade ResawWEST PLAINS Resaw Run Around System – complete resaw run-around …56933
    McDonough 54" Center Split ResawMcDONOUGH 54″ Center Split Resaw57649
    McDONOUGH 6' Horizontal ResawMcDONOUGH Horizontal Resaw – 6′ horizontal resaw. Includes 200hp motor …57679
    McDonough 54" Center Spit ResawMcDonough 54″ Center Spit Resaw57878
    YAMANI Band ResawYAMANI Band Resaw – 1997 model SF800 vertical band resaw …57885
    Brewco B-1600Brewco Resaw – 2009 B-1600, 2-head with full run-around and …57983
    JOCAR Horizontal ResawJOCAR Horizontal Resaw – 1995 model. 55″ dia wheels (1400 …58044
    6' COE Horizontal ResawCOE Horizontal Resaw – 1989 model 6″ horizontal resaw with …12367
    CORNELL CLBCORNELL CLB – 2004 Model, heavy duty version of the …57451
    KOCKUMS Horizontal ResawKOCKUMS 5′ Horizontal Resaw – features roller bed feed, wheels …57283
    Cook Grade ResawCook Grade Lumber resaw, No Return. 30 Hp, 1 1/4″ …57026
    Brewer Single Head ResawBrewer Single Head Resaw, NO Return, Hydraulic Unit56886
    Line Bar ResawTipton Line Bar resaw.56242
    BREWCO B-1600 Grade Resaw2007 BREWCO Grade Resaw – B-1600 with standard run-around. custom …55647
    McDONOUGH Twin 54" ResawMcDONOUGH 54″ Twin Resaw – opposing twin resaw with power …55138
    BREWER Single ResawBREWER single head horizontal resaw, includes hyd unit, controls. Capacity …39288
    Ben Jones Machinery
    Go-Fast Resaw36940
    Albany horizontal resaw 72"12307