Our Company

Our company specializes in the sale of new and used sawmill equipment. Read on to learn more about Ben Jones Machinery and how we can help your business.

Our Company

Since 1976, Ben Jones Machinery has been a big part of helping companies in the lumber industry with the practical side of business.

From the sale of lumber machinery and saw mills, to locating hard to find equipment, our company can do it all. Working with sawmill plants, lumber plants, and other forest industry outlets, we specialize in knowing equipment and finding specific machinery suited for small and medium sized lumber operations.

Serving You

We serve a large number of sawmills, shavings, mulch, and wood pellet companies. If you are looking to fill a critical gap in lumber production or find ways to handle new materials, our professionals can help. Our company can provide you with an equipment assessment, assistance with auctions, machine brokerage, and even complete plant liquidations.

Global Vision

We buy, sell, and broker machines globally, including the US, Canada, and Central and South America. Contact the professionals at Ben Jones Machinery today and get “chipping” in a new direction!


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Ben Jones Machinery

Sales Of New And Used Sawmills