Item # Name Manufacturer Subcategory
12367 6' COE Horizontal Resaw 6' COE Horizontal Resaw COE Horizontal
12307 Albany horizontal resaw 72"Albany horizontal resaw 72" Albany Horizontal
12332 McDonough horizontal resaw 72"McDonough horizontal resaw 72" McDonough Horizontal
36940 Go-Fast ResawGo-Fast Resaw Go-Fast
39288 BREWER Single ResawBREWER Single Resaw BREWER Pallet resaw
54564 Kockums/Corley Linebar ResawKockums/Corley Linebar Resaw Kockums & Corley
55138 McDONOUGH Twin 54" ResawMcDONOUGH Twin 54" Resaw McDonough Twin
55591 Center Split Circular ResawCenter Split Circular Resaw
55647 BREWCO B-1600 Grade ResawBREWCO B-1600 Grade Resaw
56242 Line Bar ResawLine Bar Resaw TIPTON
56822 Resaw Run a RoundResaw Run a Round Shop Built
56840 KOCKUMS 6' Horizontal ResawKOCKUMS 6' Horizontal Resaw Kockums Horizontal
56886 Brewer Single Head ResawBrewer Single Head Resaw Brewer
56933 WEST PLAINS Grade ResawWEST PLAINS Grade Resaw West Plains
57018 West Plains 3-way SeparatorWest Plains 3-way Separator West Plains
57026 Cook Grade ResawCook Grade Resaw Cook
57079 Brewer 6-head ResawBrewer 6-head Resaw Brewer
57278 BREWCO Single ResawBREWCO Single Resaw BREWCO
57283 KOCKUMS Horizontal ResawKOCKUMS Horizontal Resaw KOCKUMS
57345 McDonough Linebar Resaw SystemMcDonough Linebar Resaw System McDonough
57353 Resaw Run-around SystemResaw Run-around System
57361 Rooftop Transfer with Cant TurnerRooftop Transfer with Cant Turner
57431 SMITH Single SMITH Single Smith
57459 West Plains 4 head resawWest Plains 4 head resaw West Plains
57539 Baker Wide Bed ResawBaker Wide Bed Resaw Baker
57546 McDonough 62" Horizontal ResawMcDonough 62" Horizontal Resaw McDonough Mfg.
57649 McDonough 54" Center Split ResawMcDonough 54" Center Split Resaw McDonough
57651 McDONOUGH Linebar AttachmentMcDONOUGH Linebar Attachment McDonough
57679 McDONOUGH 6' Horizontal ResawMcDONOUGH 6' Horizontal Resaw McDonough Mfg.
57689 McDonough 54" Horizontal ResawMcDonough 54" Horizontal Resaw McDonough Mfg.