Ukiah SBA guided gang – 6 x 24

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    UKIAH / CSMI Thin Kerf Gang – 1990 model 6 x 24 guided bottom arbor, climb cut gang with positioning type infeed table, 350 HP motor, and guides for 5/4 (1.20) & 7/4 (1.72) lumber. Gang features 4 powered knurled & chromed top rolls with pneumatic press cylinders, 7 knurled and chromed bottom feed rolls, splined arbor, and a clam shell opening for guide access. No guide lube system, no blades and no starters. Serial # 8068. This machine was removed from service to be replaced with a curve sawing system. It was operating on yellow pine at a feed rate of 140 feet per minute with a kerf of 0.130. It is a climb cut blade rotation (toward the rear of the machine) so trash and debris fall toward back side of blades, away from the guides. Item # 12206. Georgia.